Sunday, November 20, 2011

Novel Notes:

I've added these notes to the beginning of my novel.  I will take out the "cough cough" before I send it to a publisher:

  1. This book is a *novel,* a work of fiction, and is not intended to teach about mushrooms.  A mistake with mushrooms can be fatal. Do NOT use this book as a field guide.  Before you collect any mushrooms for eating, medicinal or recreational purposes, study with an accredited mycologist and/or read several reliable mushroom guides.  THIS AUTHOR IS NOT A MYCOLOGIST AND HAS NEVER TAKEN A MYCOLOGY CLASS.*
  2. This book is a work of the imagination.  It is fiction and any resemblance of the characters to real people is purely coincidental. (cough cough!) This book does not intend or pretend to accurately represent Syracuse or Cornell Universities or the cities of Syracuse or Ithaca or anything else.
*This author does, however, collect and eat wild mushrooms and has survived to age 65 so far.  Knock knock.

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