Thursday, December 1, 2011

New (tentative) Cover and Jacket Blurb for Death Angel (NaNoWriMo 2011)

111201 Dust Jacket Blurb for my upcoming book, Death Angel

Mycology Professor Colin McHaggerty is well-loved by undergrads, parents, grad students, TAs, faculty and administration, or so it seems to Rune Carmichael when she first returns to the College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry to study for her PhD and work as Dr. McHaggerty’s teaching assistant. Suddenly, Rune’s life revolves around McHaggerty.  The other professors, teaching assistants and even her own research project seem to take a back seat to the all-encompassing McHaggerty.  When McHaggerty and one of the TAs end up in the hospital with mushroom poisoning, Rune refuses to believe the poisoning was “a terrible accident.” She recognizes that McHaggerty knows better than to poison himself and his assistant.  But when she begins poking around to find out what really happened to Dr. McHaggerty, she and her teammate Bart get Psychedelic mushrooms on their pizza, showing them how easy a poisoning could be, letting them know they could be next.  Someone smashes into Rune on her motorcycle—hit and run. And warnings continue to come. Rune and Bart persist in looking.  They discover that the well-loved McHaggerty has many enemies and that the college is rife with unsuspected excitement and sordid intrigue.  Rune’s trust, damaged by abuse and an ongoing divorce, is further damaged by what she learns about McHaggerty and others at the college, but receives a boost from Silas, a lucky witness and from Bart, who, in spite of the danger, joins her in the search for an attempted murderer. Though the police refuse to help, Rune continues searching, never imagining that she might also find the answer to a 13-year-old quadruple murder.

I am still working on this.

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